HowTo Install all Tree-Sitter Parsers

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1. EMACS - Install all Tree-Sitter Parsers

In order to use tree-sitter with emacs-29+ you will want to have all the parsers installed for all the new language modes included in emacs-29 and later. These can be installed one at a time by visiting each contributors github/gitlab or you can use this package to install most of them very easily.

This is made easy by github user casouri's package called tree-sitter-module:

git clone
cd tree-sitter-module
# DISCLAIMER: examine these scripts, and all repositories to make sure
# there's no malware

Now you will have a "dist" folder containing the object files for each language parser.

% ls dist

By default, on *nix systems, the default search patch for these is in your ~/.emacs/tree-sitter/ directory. So now we can just copy these into that directory and try it out.

mkdir -p ~/.emacs/tree-sitter
cp -a dist/* ~/.emacs/tree-sitter

Author: Dan Mack

Created: 2023-02-20 Mon 13:26