Fix for podman permission denied in containers/storage

Table of Contents

1. Fix Podman Permission Denied Error

Are you getting an error like the following when running rootless podman:

% podman ps -a
Error: mkdir /run/containers/storage: permission denied

You may have already tried things like removing the etc/, clearing our your ~.local and ~/.config directory of anything container or podman related, and re-installing podman.

But did you see this comment in the stock/shipped version of the /etc/containers/storage.conf file?

# Storage path for rootless users
# rootless_storage_path = "$HOME/.local/share/containers/storage"

I was able to resove this issue by simply un-commenting that line above.

Note this worked for me on alpine linux, with podman 4.6.x.

Author: Dan Mack

Created: 2023-08-14 Mon 09:43