Some Ice Diving Picts from February 2000

Here are some ice diving pictures from my first ice diving experience. Some of the picutures are out of focus which was due to the dim light and steam in the tent (plus a little operator error). I'm the guy in the blue henderson dry suit.

Ice diving requires good planning and a lot of work to prep the site. In addition to cutting a hole in the ice, we also shoveled radial lines extending out from the hole which give you a visual indication of where the exit is. Since we had a tent over the hole in the ice, the hole was not very visible from below.

Safety divers were ready at all times in case someone fell in accidentally and all dives were conducted while attached to safety lines. You can see how much the hole grew over the weekend. We used a triangle shaped hole which is quite popular when diving in 3 person teams as we did. Before leaving the lake we put the ice blocks back in and marked the hole to warn others that the ice is thin or missing in that area.

Day One

Day Two

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Dan Mack
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